Does Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? – the Ultimate Guide [2023]

Does Lowe's Sell Benjamin Moore Paint - the Ultimate Guide [2023]

Does Lowe’s sell Benjamin Moore Paint? Are you wondering if you can buy Benjamin Moore paint at Lowe’s? Is it simple to use and reasonably priced? If so, you’ve arrived at the appropriate location!

No, Lowe’s doesn’t sell Benjamin Moore Paint. It is only offered online. However, you can order Benjamin Moore paint online and have it delivered right to your door, or you can find it in a local storefront.

Read on to discover more about Benjamin Moore’s paint and the advantages of purchasing it from these two merchants.

Does Lowes Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Unfortunately, Lowes does not carry Benjamin Moore’s Paint line. There were rumors that this specialty paint company and Lowes had a contract. But Warren Buffett, the owner of Berkshire Hathaway and, by extension, Benjamin Moore, made the decision to reject his CEO and this contract. Hence, he was able to fulfill the commitment he made during the acquisition of the business in 2000.

This consequently prevented big box stores like Lowes and its main rival, Home Depot, from carrying the high-end specialty Benjamin Moore products. Only smaller, independently run hardware stores and authorized retailers, of which there are over 7,500 across North America, sell this paint.

Can Lowes Colour Match a Benjamin Moore's Paint Colour?
Can Lowes Colour Match a Benjamin Moore’s Paint Colour?

Can Lowes Colour Match a Benjamin Moore’s Paint Colour?

Indeed they can! Did you know Lowes also provides a fantastic paint color matching service available in-store?

Therefore, if you can’t find the precise color you want on the shelves or on a paint chip, one of Lowes’s employees can make it for you. You should check with your local store for the exact price because it varies from one location to the next. This service costs slightly more than the average can of paint.

Is It Simple to Colour Match Paint at Lowes?

Yes, it’s a fairly easy procedure. All you need to do is bring along a color sample, paint chip, or even a piece of furniture with the color you require and head to the paint department at Lowes.

Give it to a member of staff there, and they will assist you using the X-Rite iVue Machine, their color matching tool. The color you supply will be scanned and read by this device, which will then produce a tint that perfectly replicates it. The size of paint can and finish you require can be discussed with the employee.

Is Benjamin Moore a Good Brand of Paint?

Yes, it is premium paint of extremely high quality. Moreover, a variety of versions are available based on the subject and setting of the painting.

These include Aura Interior, Aura Bath and Spa, Regal Select Interior, Ben Interior, and Advance Interior.

All have the benefits of:

  • proprietary color-lock technology with a long lifespan.
  • Resistance to rubbing and burning.
  • Mildew resistant.
  • combined use of primer and color
  • extreme color depth and richness, along with uniform color and fade resistance.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Touch-ups and drying are quick and seamless.

The business’s Aura Bath and Spa luxurious matte paint, for instance, is the ideal paint and finish for you if you are painting your bathroom or live in a high humidity area. A quart of paint typically costs around $40, and a gallon is under $90.

Does Lowe's Sell Benjamin Moore Paint - the Ultimate Guide [2023]
Does Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? – the Ultimate Guide [2023]

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Affordable?

Although Benjamin Moore paint can be pricey, a hardware store is a great place to buy it. Because of its superior quality, it can be used on any surface and is simple to clean with soap and water. One gallon can cover 400–450 square feet. It’s perfect for all kinds of DIY projects because of its low-VOC, odor-free, and self-priming formula. Also included is a coating that resists mildew.

You can purchase Benjamin Moore paint online or at a nearby brick-and-mortar store. To locate the closest location, use the store locator. Although Benjamin Moore has numerous locations across the country, the majority of them are small, local businesses rather than big-box retailers. They have a huge selection in their online store. International orders from nations like Australia and Canada can also purchase Benjamin Moore paint. Different grades of this paint are available, and the cost is reasonable.

Alternatives to Benjamin Moore at Lowe’s

You can also look into the KILZ brand if you want to purchase Benjamin Moore paint at a discount. These paints are frequently contrasted with those by Benjamin Moore, but they are frequently more reasonably priced. Since Lowe’s and Sherwin Williams have a retail distribution agreement, they are not only able to sell Benjamin Moore paint. Although you might have to pay a little bit more for that service, Lowe’s can assist you with color matching for Benjamin Moore paint.

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A Little More on Lowe’s

Lowes is a big name in home improvement, DIY projects and various paints. A store will be accessible in 24 different nations. With 2,197 locations spanning all 50 states, Lowes is not only well-represented in the United States but also in the United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Holland, and many other countries.

They boast a huge range of supplies accessible in-store for a fun and easy shopping trip, plus a very large catalog available on the Lowes website. You can browse a huge selection of air conditioners, paint colors, garden tools, air conditioners, lighting, hardware, building supplies, and lighting.

What Paint Does Lowes Sell?
What Paint Does Lowes Sell?

What Paint Does Lowes Sell?

You can check out a variety of Benjamin Moore rival paint brands at Lowes or browse their website for even more convenience.

These include:

  • It is only possible to buy HGTV Home Showcase and HGTV Home Ovation Interior paints at Lowe’s and Sherwin Williams storefronts thanks to Sherwin Williams’ exclusive contract with the home improvement retailer.
  • Valspar– a well-known paint from the Sherwin Williams line that leads its industry.
  • Joanna Gaines, one of the most adored interior designers on Home Improvement TV, collaborated with the KILZ paint company to create Magnolia Homes by Joanna Gaines, which features her signature colors and finishes.

Where Can I Buy Benjamin Moore Paint Instead?

There are several Benjamin Moore locations across the nation where you can find the perfect color.

Use their store locator by entering your zip code, city, or state into the search bar to find a store in your area. This will provide a list of 10 nearby stores that are only a short drive away.

Although they only ship to the US mainland, Benjamin Moore paint can also be ordered online from their website.

Additionally, Benjamin Moore paints are offered in Canada and 75 other nations around the world, though these are still mostly independently owned shops rather than big-box retailers.

Benjamin Moore Produces Different Grades of Paint

Knowing that there are four different paint grades available from Benjamin Moore is crucial when making a purchase. You will learn more about the purpose of each grade in this guide, which will cover all of them.

Super Hide

Super Hide is the most cost-effective of the Benjamin Moore paint lines. It is thought of as being of the builder’s grade and is designed for quick or touch-up jobs. Builders use this type of paint all over the world because it repairs very well and is reasonably priced.

The drawbacks include the need for multiple applications for larger jobs and uncertainty surrounding the paint’s durability. It is intended to paint more recent construction that will likely receive a high-quality paint finish on top. For this reason, it generally comes in eggshell, flat, and semi-gloss and it can also be tinted to fit the color of choice.

Super Hide
Super Hide

Super Spec

The Super Spec option comes next on the ladder. Most people who have used both Super Spec and Super Hide prefer the former to the latter. Actually, it was created to be used commercially in circumstances where cost-cutting outweighs quality.

Like Super Hide, it comes in the eggshell, flat, and semi-gloss options and it can also be tinted to match the color of choosing. For DIYers who want to get coverage without spending a fortune on paint, this is one of the more popular options.

Super Spec
Super Spec


Ben is the name of Benjamin Moore’s newest mid-quality paint product. Between the Super Spec and Regal lines, it’s meant to be a middle ground. The Ben line differs from the Aura line in that it uses the same waterborne colorant as that line (Benjamin Moore’s premium paint), which is tinted using the Gennex color system.

The Ben line is expected to provide better coverage and greater fade resistance, and it may end up becoming a favorite among DIY enthusiasts. Provides much of the same quality that the Regal and Aura lines offer at a much more cost-effective price point.



The Regal line is the most commercially successful premium offering from Benjamin Moore. It was also the best paint they had available for the longest time (prior to the launch of Aura). It is because of the Regal line that Benjamin Moore is a trusted name for paints within the industry.

In order to maintain the quality of their most popular line of paint, Benjamin Moore has altered the formula over time. They provide excellent coverage and are comparable to the majority of high-end paints currently available.

Benjamin Moore Regal line comes in matt, flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, high-gloss, and pearl and is available in just about any tint or color. Two of the most popular wall finishes for interiors are the eggshell and matt varieties. This is due to the fact that they are washable and that the semi-gloss finish for trim and doors is very popular.

With Regal Select, they’ve given the Regal line a new look in recent years. It is of comparable quality to Regal but is offered in a variety of colors and in both exterior and interior versions. Regal Select is anticipated to eventually completely replace the Regal line.

REGAL® Select Interior Paint | Shop Benjamin Moore | Aboff's


Benjamin Moore Aura comes last. This is the best paint that Benjamin Moore has to offer, and it takes the place of Regal as the company’s premium paint line. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t need primer, is incredibly strong, smells barely at all, is non-toxic, and covers nearly any other color in no more than two coats.

Customers of Aura can anticipate receiving only the best paint Benjamin Moore has to offer, and they’ll adore the way it turns out. Due to its long lifespan and ability to withstand wear and tear, it will also save money over time.

Benjamin Moore Enhances Its Aura Interior Paint | Builder Magazine


Does Home Depot Or Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Neither Home Depot nor their website carry Benjamin Moore paints. The company only sells through independent retailers, as they prefer to support small businesses over large box stores.

Does Benjamin Moore Make the Best Paint?

In terms of paint quality, durability, coverage, and ease of application, Benjamin Moore’s paint takes the cake. Regal Select, their indoor paint product, is unquestionably the best interior paint on the market.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Worth It?

They are strong, splatter-proof, simple to spread, and quick drying. Except for Regal paint, which is a higher-end product, all of Benjamin Moore’s paints are reasonably priced. This luxury paint runs around $65 a can, but it’s definitely worth the money.

Do You Need 2 Coats of Benjamin Moore Paint?

We recommend at least two coats of your topcoat product for optimal hide and color development. Before applying the second coat, wait until the first coat is completely dry. Check the paint can for recommended drying times. Be sure to allow proper cure time before returning fixtures, wall plates or frames to the walls.


Paint brands and specialized goods from Natura and Behr are available from Lowe’s. While Benjamin Moore’s collection focuses on shades and specialty products, Lowes’ collection is more heavily weighted toward traditional colors. Additionally, it offers special paints for those who have asthma, allergies, or a sensitivity to particular materials. With its online store, you can buy paint from a variety of brands. You can combine and match these paints according to your unique requirements.

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